Character design development, personal project rendered in UNREAL 4.26

Having been a huge fan of Unreal for some time now, I finally decided to test it for myself. Here is a shot I created from an animated feature film idea I had a couple years ago called 5051: SAVING MOBY and THE PHANTOM OF LIFE. This is still a work in progress, but my plan is to create a trailer/teaser to get investors interested. Working on simple shots like this with Maya and one computer would have taken me several days if not weeks to render. Plus, I would have spent months modeling rocks. Using Unreal 4, Unreal Megascans,and still just one computer, it took me under 20 minutes to render 1,300 frames at 3k, final image, plus 4 passes. That is just crazy insane. Plus the fact that there is an amazing collection of models, environments, and mocap animations available on the Unreal Market. This is an incredible time for visual storytellers. Unreal is giving independent creators like me the ability to create visual sequences that are dynamic and stimulating at a production speed that blows your mind. I will continue to hone my skills with Unreal. I look forward to more projects using Unreal. Thank you Unreal. You rock!!!

This is a mock BMW commercial I created in order to experiment with the rigacar plugin from David Gayerie’s DigiCreatures (so curious about this plugin, and it did not disappoint) along with the incredible Unreal software.  Animated on Blender, and then transferred to Unreal using  the rigacar plugin. 


Learned so much, and I am looking forward to my next test/project. 


I also had fun creating the music track for this.